Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Semester 2 Extra Credit

I need supplies! Bring any of the following supplies in and you will get extra credit points worth up to 5 points:

Copy Paper

I need as much of these as you can get!

Semester 2: Get Excited!

There are fun things ahead for this second semester of World Geography!

The Middle East!

We are going to start the semester off with some fun by planning a monthlong trip to Europe!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Geography Semester One Final Review Materials

Items you need to study with for your semester final:

1. Four page review packet, including the sections on Geography Basics, US and Canada, Latin America, Europe and all the map locations.

2. Three completed maps with the ten required locations on each.

3. The 15 sequencing questions we went over in class on Friday.

The format of the exam is 50 questions from the first three units, 45 questions on Europe, 15 sequencing questions, 10 reading questions, and 30 mapping questions.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Case Study Grading Rubric

Ten points to earn (grade value is 50 total):
1. Is actually a case study
2. Has eight slides
3. Has a reference slide with at least two quality sources
4. Has at least 4 visuals that relate to the study
5. Presents both sides of the case study issue
6-8. Quality of Case Study information: poor quality-1 pt, good coverage of the topic-2 pt, in-depth and informative coverage-3 pt.
9-10. Quality of presentation.
Recitation of the slides with little outside info-1 pt.
Knowledgeable presentation that adds additional info-2 pt.

Case Study-Ways to turn it in

The case study DUE WEDNESDAY can be turned in in two ways:

1. E-mail me at jleagans@houstonisd.org

2. Bring it in on a flash drive. I'll save the file to my computer.

Coming in Wednesday and saying you did it but forgot to email it will cause you to get late credit. Bring it in Wednesday.